About Dexito

Dexito Upgrades Lives

Now learn beautiful and impactful English from a team of our indigenous experts and foreign English trainers.
At Dexito, while our regional experts teach you the grammatical code of the English language and sentence construction, our international native English trainers provide you with ample oral practice, teaching you the right pronunciation, intonation and accent.
Our regional experts understand your current level of English and adopt the best-suited methodology of teaching for you. Whenever necessary, our regional experts even teach you in a bilingual mode: your mother tongue and English.
Our international native English trainers are from various English-Speaking countries such as America, Canada and England. They all speak standard contemporary English. They initially adjust their speed of speaking to your current capturing ability and gradually increase their pace as they improve your capturing and listening abilities so that you will be able to understand easily when you confront any foreigner. They speak and make you speak, training you in proper pronunciation, intonation and accent. Besides, they familiarise you with contemporary colloquial English, which is otherwise not easily accessible to non-native learners of English. Building vocabulary is a continuous process. It flows like a perennial undercurrent. Spelling is addressed in the relevant courses.
At Dexito, you can learn effective English easily, systematically and authentically.