English for Engineers


A robust command over the  English language is indispensable and essential as  English is the primary language of IT because it involves multinational dealings, as its clients are located all over the globe, and interacting with them through productive communication is possible only through a thorough command of English.

Most importantly, For, Coding software efficiently with accuracy IT executives should be proficient in English as even the basic Microsoft word is coded in English. Also, Prospective clients get demoralized with grammatically inaccurate and unimpressive English. Furthermore, technical knowledge alone is insufficient for better global understanding and to carve a niche in an IT career.

 Furthermore, Networking forms the base of an IT professional's career. Better jobs, deals, and resources open through efficient networking. However, to achieve success in this area one should have excellent social skills to interact with others with confidence. For this, you have to be proficient in English communication skills which include social skills.

Hence it is important to be proficient in English for a plethora of reasons like career advancement in the commercial ICT world for seeking better employment opportunities locally and globally, managing global teams, and staying up to date in the rapidly changing competent global technological trends.

 It is a universally acknowledged fact that English is the computer processing language and the language of the internet that promotes computer literacy and knowledge which is one of the fundamental needs of people of the millennium. 

You will be trained in day today specific transactions in an IT environment like-

    A) A phone business conversation with a client, seeking technical support, Conducting or participating in business conferences with colleagues and managerial staff, 

      B) A meeting with a potential client to explain the merits of a software product And also, responding to an email from a client about hardware issues, communicating with bosses with ease and confidence, understanding instructions, and sharing ideas, views, and feedback from co-workers.

      Our IT English language modules are tailor-made and customized  to equip aspirants  with the required vocabulary and grammatical constructions  and essential  computer terminology to develop skills and abilities  to draft emails write reports, blogs  and to be able to  discuss and express  complicated technical issues with clarity and precision

      To sum up, To accelerate growth and progress and your IT career, you need to be able to make presentations, negotiate with senior management and clients and perform multifarious management-related functions.

       All these responsibilities require proficiency in English as professional and technical skills take precedence over academic excellence You need to be assertive and confident in putting forth your ideas and views and impress the higher management and to negotiate a higher profile job and win top-level placements and achieve optimum levels of professional excellence.

      What will you learn
      • Email – etiquette

      • Telephone etiquette

      • Practice with authentic language materials

      • Specific terminology of the IT field

      • Pair work and group discussions on skills with partners and investors

      • Technical documentation

      • Organization of meetings and conferences

      • Preparation and execution of presentations

      • Drafting emails and reports

      • Exposure to IT slang and other key topics of digital and computer terminology

      • If you are literate in English and if you are already into or planning to enter the field of IT, this program is for you.


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